Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers at the Ellis County Youth Expo!

Office Personnel:
Tommy Mitchell, Candice Jones, Katie Christopher, Sarah Galloway, and Kaitlyn Shaw


1990-1991 – Greg Sellers
1992-1993 – Russ Lewis
1994-1995 – Gary Farmer
1996-1997 – Len Crow
1998-1999 – Dr. Jim Rook

2000-2002 – JoAn Lockhart
2003-2005 – Gene Sellers
2006-2007 – Larry Eubank
2008-2010 – Deryl Shelnutt
2011-2012 – Tommy Hamilton

2013-2014 – Tommy Mitchell
2015-2017 – Joey Isbell
2018-2019 – Amber Huckabee
2020 Elect – Casher Dowell

2018 Volunteer of the Year:
Moe Anthony

Past Volunteers of the Year:

1990-David Low
1991-Pat Sullivan
1992-Ron Naizer
1993-David Arnold
1994-Steve Massey
1995-Ginger Mulkey
1996-JoAn & Duane Lockhart
1997-Larry Eubank
1998-Joy and Bob Fox

1999-Scott and Arlene Averhoff
2000-Rhonda Smith
2001-Jerry and Terry Kitchens
2002-Greg Sellers
2003-Reggie & Pam Underwood
2004-Sherry Roberts
2005-Gene Sellers
2006-Shelly Baumann

2007-Becky Morgan
2010-Page Bishop
2011-Moe Francis
2012-Gary and Jenny Coffee
2013-Candice Jones
2014-Katy Christopher
2015-Tommy Mitchell
2017-Kaitlyn Shaw