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Ellis County Youth Expo – Merit Scholarships

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Each Year the Ellis County Youth Expo commits funding for scholarships for graduating seniors.

The following criteria must be met for a student to apply for the scholarship:
1. Must be a graduating senior who is a member of a 4-H club or FFA chapter within Ellis County at the time of application.
2. Must exhibit at least 2 years in the Ellis County Youth Expo (can include current year).
3. Must submit all 3 parts of the required application at one time by the deadline.
4. Scholarship money will be awarded when the student is enrolled in college and a copy of the tuition bill is submitted to the committee. Scholarships must be used in the year following graduation and claimed by January 1 of the year following graduation.
5. Recipients may use the scholarship at any junior or senior college or university—private, public, or technical. Recipients may major in any field.

Student Application Evaluation Criteria:
Applications will be evaluated equally on the following 5 merit areas:
1. Ellis County Youth Expo participation
2. FFA and/or 4-H participation
3. School and community participation
4. Scholarship
5. Essay on future plans

Grand Champion Scholarships

In addition, the Ellis County Youth Expo, through its fundraising activities awards nine $500.00 scholarships to the Grand Champion in each Division. These scholarships will be limited to a “one time per exhibitor per division” opportunity. Meaning an exhibitor cannot be awarded a repeat scholarship in a subsequent year. However, an exhibitor that has won a given divisional scholarship (Steer) is eligible in any other division (Swine).

Divisions: Market Steer, Market Swine, Market Broilers, Market Rabbits, Market Goat, Market Lamb,
Breeding Rabbit, Breeding Heifer and Ag Mechanics, Creative Arts is excluded.

For those familiar with the San Antonio Live Stock Show Champion Scholarship awards, this is intended to be similar. In subsequent years where a repeat champion occurs, the scholarship will be awarded to the reserve, and if that exhibitor has won, the judge will be asked to select from the other exhibitors in the grand drive for a third, fourth… until the award can be made.

In the event that the scholarship amount is ever increased, a repeat exhibitor will be eligible for the difference in amount. Example, in 2017 funds allow the amount to be increased to 1000.00. And we have the repeat winner, the Grand would be allotted 500.00 of that 1000.00 and the remainder would be passed down to Reserve etc…


To redeem Ellis County Youth Expo Scholarships:

Recipients must be enrolled at an institution that provides an educational program that is acceptable for full credit towards a bachelor’s or higher degree, or offers a program of training to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

Once a student has enrolled at an institution of higher education, the student will receive a bill for the current semester’s expenses (Bursar’s Statement). ECYE must have a receipt of enrolment, which lists all charges incurred by the student. The receipt must have a balance due. The following are the steps each scholarship recipient MUST follow in order to redeem ECYE scholarship funds:

NOTE: The following steps must be followed EACH SEMESTER until your scholarship money has been depleted:

1. Obtain the Institution’s Billing Statement (Bursar’s Statement) in your name. Make sure the Billing Statement has your name, your Student Identification Number, and the Educational Institution’s name and address.
2. Obtain a copy of Scholarship Donor Instructions and, or Form from the institution (samples below)
3. Obtain a copy of the current semester’s class schedule.
4. Obtain a copy of your grades.
5. Mail or Email the above along with Date of Birth AND all information required to complete your supplied Institution’s Form to the Ellis County Youth Expo. (See Contact Us on this website for email and address information)

Institution Scholarship Donor Forms:

Texas Tech University
Texas A&M University

Important Information:

• Student must maintain a GPA of 2.5.
• It is the scholarship recipient’s responsibility to provide the items listed above at the beginning of each semester to receive funding.
• The Ellis County Youth Expo will not issue a check in the name of the student.
• The Ellis County Youth Expo will only mail and issue checks to the University’s Billing Office.
• The Ellis County Youth Expo will only mail and issue a check one time per semester.
• The Ellis County Youth Expo will not issue a check for more than the amount of your Billing Statement.
• All scholarship funds must be requested and depleted on or before the recipient’s twenty-third birthday.
• All scholarship funds, which are not requested and depleted, will be forfeited. All forfeited funds shall be paid into the general scholarship fund.